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Our Neoni® carbon accounting solution is now available for beta testing

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#ShowYourStripes. These ‘warming stripes’ represent changes in temperature globally over the past 150+ years.


We think you should be able to compare the social and environmental impact of purchases as easily as you can compare prices. Everyone needs to do this if we are to avoid irreversible global warming and achieve a fair society.


We create novel software solutions that harness next-generation web technologies for data computation.


We provide simple and practical tools for organisations and people. These give access to data insights that are timely, accurate, authenticated, and granular.

Our tools give you the right data when you need it – helping you make better choices.

Our first product - Neoni® - is the easiest way to decarbonise your supply chain.

Recorded as part of an online event hosted by NHS England's Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN).

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The biggest challenge facing humanity is how we tackle climate change – iSumio enables companies to harness carbon reduction as the next big competitive advantage.

We know that tracking indirect emissions embedded in supply chains is currently the hardest part of understanding total emissions. Indirect emissions are typically 11 times a company’s direct emissions – yet these are often hard to trace beyond the first tier. We have an innovative approach to solving this problem.

In 2021 iSumio won the CivTech 6 Challenge 1 to “help manufacturing businesses decarbonise while building resilience and strengthening competitive advantage”. We were contracted by the Scottish Government in 2022 to develop a beta version of the software solution. This was launched in 2023 as Neoni®.

If you are a corporate buyer who is interested in our solution, or a mission-led investor looking for a business like ours, we would love to hear from you.

Recorded in Edinburgh as part of CivTech 6 "Demo Day", Feb 2022.

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