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Company introduction

iSumio is a Scottish company – our mission is to help you know all kinds of value as easily as financial value.

Why – we think you should be able to compare the social and environmental impact of purchases as easily as you can compare prices. Everyone needs to do this if we are to avoid irreversible global warming and achieve a fair society.

How – we create novel software solutions that balance innovation with proven technologies.

What – we provide simple and practical tools for organisations and people. These give access to data insights that are timely, accurate, authenticated, and granular.

Our software tools give you the right data when you need it – helping you make better choices.

We value diversity in our team and want everyone to feel included. We strive to be an equal opportunities employer that does not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Our first software product

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity. Our first product – Neoni – enables companies to play their part by harnessing carbon reduction as the next big competitive advantage.

Neoni embeds an accounting mindset to enable companies to understand their greenhouse gas emissions more accurately and comprehensively than current solutions. At launch, Neoni will include software tools for companies, particularly in the manufacturing sector, and public sector analysts.

Neoni makes it easy for companies to understand their total emissions. Currently this is difficult because most emissions are indirect. Indirect emissions embedded in a company’s supply chains are typically 11 times a company’s direct emissions – yet these are often hard to trace beyond the first tier in a supply chain.

Neoni implements an innovative approach to solving this problem. It meets and exceeds the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol for companies to calculate their emissions.

iSumio won the CivTech 6 Challenge 1 to “help manufacturing businesses decarbonise while building resilience and strengthening competitive advantage”. We have been contracted by the Scottish Government to develop a beta solution by the end of 2022.

About the job


Remote. UK/ Scotland preferred.

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You will be responsible for directing the product development of our Neoni suite of apps, working closely with our user experience designer, enterprise users, technical teams and founders. You will translate ideas into features, and follow product development from concept to deployment.

You will play a critical role in synthesising customer needs, business strategy, and technical constraints – to know what compromises are required and then to translate these into practical requirements and tasks for the development team.

To succeed in this role, you need to be a perceptive and creative leader, comfortable communicating with different stakeholders, a reliable problem-solver, and able to work independently to deadlines.

Ideally you have experience with delivering enterprise software, such as accounting systems or other business information systems. Whilst you do not need to be a domain expert in sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions, you do need a willingness to learn about this topic and stay up to date with international standards and calculation methods.

In future, we plan to extend our product range to address more sustainability themes. For example, environmental issues such as biodiversity and water, or social issues like gender empowerment and fair pay.





At least 5 years of relevant industry experience.


Salary range

Minimum £50,000 per year (Full time equivalent, depending on experience)

How to apply

Send a CV and portfolio to: